Thursday, March 12, 2015



A student of mine suggested I keep a journal, so a week ago, I began. It has helped me to focus on the here and now and on the important things in my life. Here are some of my insights:

I consider myself very blessed. I have good health, good friends, a roof over my head and enough money in the bank. And, especially,  I have loving and warm children and grand- children.  I am sometimes not kind to them. I talk before I think. (foot and mouth disease)I did this to my daughter last week and it bothered me a lot. So I called her and apologized. She was pleased that I had. 
I have a saying in my car on my visor that is: 
                         T   Is it True
                         H   Is it Helpful
                          I    Is it Inspiring
                         N    Is it Necessary
                         K    Is it Kind
I will post those around my house to remind me.

Then, I was inspired by one of my yoga teachers to pay more attention to all my students and take my ego out of my teaching and just teach. Always wanting to expand ways of appealing to more people. I am a teacher. I love to teach, but without students, I cannot teach. I have, for years, been expounding on the Iyengar emphasis of quality, not quantity. Doing one thing right instead of doing many things wrong. And this is how G-d laughs. He/she has given me wonderful quality in my students, (and I am grateful), but not the quantity I now need to stop running around so much.  I’m looking for more people to come to me in my home. 

Another day, while talking with a new friend, I came to see that I want to leave this life like I came into it; loving and open to learning without losing my mental faculties.

Please share.

Dena Glazer
Certified Iyengar Teacher
Licensed Massage Therapist
Sunrise, FL