Sunday, May 15, 2016


It has been 5 months since I last physically spoke with Moshe. He passed away in early December of 2015. I had spoken with him only 2 days before he died. We had, as usual, a most satisfying dialogue. We both knew this was our good-by talk. First of all, he laughed when I asked him if he minded my calling. We used to talk to each other every day. Occasionally a day or 2 might pass with only voice mail connecting us. I said what I wanted to relay to him and he accepted it.
I really miss our talks. He was so un-judgemental and always understood exactly what I was talking about. We often shared our inner most thoughts (mostly mine about my children and grandchildren). Even though he did not have blood children, he was very close to his late wife's family and, having met mine, knew what I was talking about.
He chose me to accompany him on his last trip to
Israel. How blessed I was.  We went in December, 2012. We stayed on 3 different kabbutz with either his family or dear friends. He had migrated to Israel from Germany with his mother and 2 sisters in 1929. He grew up to become the National Music maestro of Palestine. While we were there, he was honored on National TV by replaying an opera he had written and conducted many years before. I have wonderful pictures and memories of a place I never expected to see.
I really miss him and those talks. Sometimes, I talk to him anyway. He is always in my heart.
I fantasize that I will meet another living person with whom I can confide in and share. In the meantime, I keep practicing being my own confidant. 
May you all be blessed with someone in your life that teaches you about loving.
May 15, 2016