Thursday, June 23, 2016

Diagonal Breathing


Recently I have been re-reading some of my books and periodicals. I came across a quote that suggested diagonal breathing for people with scoliosis. I tried this and found that it brought a whole new perspective of breathing to my practice of twists.

While doing bharadvajasana on a chair, after using normal breathing to turn to the right, I paused and breathed from the lower left lung area into the upper right lung area (collarbone) and was able to turn slightly more. Then, in exhaling, released the breath from the lower left ribs to the upper right collarbone. All of this is done as in pranayama, without effort. Then did the other side.

Remember to keep the hips grounded and level so the spine can elongate upwards. Be sure to keep the nose in line with the mid sternum as you turn. To come out of the pose, move as slowly and with as much care as you did in going into the pose. "The work goes into the preparation, not into the pose".

This is not to be taught to students until they have understood, thru instruction and practice, ujjayi pranayama. 

Dena Glazer
June, 2017

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